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Learn how to successfully invest in apartments:

  • Earn passive income that keeps coming in even while you’re on vacation.
  • Retire early without giving up the comforts you’ve worked hard for.
  • Leave a legacy of wealth behind for your children.
  • Diversify your income, so you don’t have to worry about ups and downs in the market.
  • Live the financially free life you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Doctor Syndication School, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your financial future.


In The Next 4 weeks, You Could…

  • Finally have a plan to achieve financial freedom
  • Transform yourself from a high income earner to creator of generational wealth
  • Be generating passive income

The right invesments can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Doctor Syndication School.

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Doctor Syndication School

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

This 4-week course will teach you everything you need to know to invest in multifamily apartments and build generational wealth. I will teach you:

  • What you need to know for assessing syndicated real estate opportunity
  • What you need to do to find a good sponsor and vet a deal
  • What you can expect when you invest in a real estate syndication

What's Included In This Course...


Investing Goals and Power of Syndications

It is important to understand your investing goals before you start investing. Learn how to find your freedom number, including:

  • BIG WHY: How to find your BIG WHY
  • How to calculate your freedom number
  • How syndication investments can get you there

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of where you need to be to retire and how to accelerate your timeline to get there.


Real Estate Syndication Basics

Learn the basic concepts about real estate syndications including:

  • The structure and people involved in syndications
  • How to find passive investment opportunities
  • How to approach investment summaries and webinars

You’ll finish this course with a complete understanding of how syndications work.


Evaluating a Syndication Opportunity

Syndication opportunity offerings can be overwhelming. It is important to know how to evaluate them. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to compare different deals
  • How to find your ideal market
  • How to analyze an offering

You’ll finish this lesson with tools to evaluate an apartment syndication offering.


Steps for Investing In a Syndication

Empowered with knowledge, its time to take action! In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Steps involved in investing in a syndication
  • Understanding private placement memorandum and offering documents
  • What to expect after you invest in a syndication

You’ll finish this course with an action plan to start your investment journey.

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Tax Benefits

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Structure of Syndication

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Value Add deal

This Course Is For You If...

  • You are looking to diversify from stock market
  • You want to invest in real estate but do not want to deal with tenants and toilets
  • You want to accelerate your timeline for retirement
  • You want to leave a legacy for your children

Rajkumar Venkatramani MD, MS, MBA


Raj is an oncologist, researcher, entrepreneur, real estate investor with over 5 years of experience investing in multifamily properties. He is the founder and principal at REIDOC Capital LLC. He has invested in 6+ properties and 1000+ doors. In addition to his medical training, Raj has a masters degree from University of Southern California and an MBA from University of Massachusetts. His mission is to help fellow doctors achieve financial freedom through commercial real estate investing.


Param Baladandapani, MD GenerationalwealthMD


"This detailed, well thought out course is designed to help you go from knowing nothing about vetting real estate syndication deals to analyzing them like a pro."

Adam Broussard, MD 

Dads Before Doctors


"Doctor Syndication School is a wonderful primer for those looking to explore investing in multifamily syndications. It will rapidly improve your comfort level in evaluating and investing in multifamily syndications."

Doctor Syndication School

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